Ingredient ID
Chinese Pronunciation SANQI 
English Name Sanchi  
Latin Name Radix Notoginseng  
Aliases RenShenSanQi
Cancers Intestine
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Dencichine

   C5H8N2O5   176.13

2. Gypenoside Xvii

   C48H82O18   947.15

3. Notoginsenoside-r1

   C33H58O4   518.82

4. Notoginsenoside-r2

   C32H56O4   504.79

5. Notoginsenoside-r3

   C33H58O4   518.82

6. Notoginsenoside-r4

   C36H64O3   544.9

7. Notoginsenoside-r6

   C35H62O4   546.87

8. Ginsenoside

   C31H54O5   506.76

9. Notoginsenoside

   C54H92O24   1125.29

Recipes that contain
  1. 2      KangAiPian
  2. 20      LiWeiHuaJieTang
  3. 21      LiWeiTongGuanTang
  4. 80      AiDiWan
  5. 181      HaoXiongRuMoSan
  6. 224      ShaDiWan
  7. 244      FuFangYuanZaoTang
  8. 342      AiDiWan
  9. 350      506San(Shuan)
  10. 351      TuoDuWan
  11. 435      BaiXueBingFang
  12. 472      HaoQiongRuMoSan
  13. 492      KaiGuanSan

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