Ingredient ID 711 
Chinese Pronunciation QIANHU 
English Name Whiteflower Hogfennel Root;common Hogfennel Root  
Latin Name Radix Peacedani  
Aliases YanFeng
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Bergapten

   C12H8O4   216.19
NSC# 95437 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

2. Decursin

   C19H20O5   328.36

3. Nodakenin

   C20H24O9   408.4

4. Pteryxin

   C21H22O7   386.4

5. Spongesterol

   C27H46O   386.66

6. Umbelliprenin

   C24H30O3   366.5

7. 3'(s)-senicioyloxy-4'(r)-hydroxy-3'4'-dihydroxanthyletin


8. 4'-dihydroxanthyletin

   C14H14O4   246.26

9. Andelin

   C24H26O7   426.46

10. Decursidin

   C24H26O7   426.46

11. Isoimperatorin

   C16H14O4   270.28

12. Marmesin

   C14H14O4   246.26

13. Nodakenetin

   C14H14O4   246.26

14. Peucedanocoumarin I

   C21H24O7   388.41

15. Peucedanocoumarin Ii

   C21H22O7   386.4

16. Praeruptorin A

   C21H22O7   386.4

17. Praeruptorin B

   C24H26O7   426.46

18. Praeruptorin C

   C24H28O7   428.47

19. Praeruptorin D

   C24H26O7   426.46

20. Praeruptorin E

   C24H28O7   428.47

21. 3'-isovaleroy-4'-o-angeloyl-3',4'-dihydro-xanthyletin

   C24H30O7   430.49

Recipes that contain
  1. 61      QingDuLiFeiTang
  2. 309      QingDuLiFeiTang
  3. 309      QingDuLiFeiTang

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