Ingredient ID 714 
Chinese Pronunciation QINGFEN 
English Name Calomel  
Latin Name Calomelas  
Aliases GongFen
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. Hg2cl2

   Cl2Hg2   472.09

Recipes that contain
  1. 4      ShengLiDan
  2. 8      ErFenWan
  3. 37      ChangAiShuan
  4. 76      GongJingWan
  5. 100      QiXiaoWan
  6. 138      LaoShaSan
  7. 208      ShengLiDan
  8. 212      ErFenWan
  9. 221      KangAiWan
  10. 236      ZhiAiWan
  11. 268      ChangAiShuan
  12. 335      GongJingWan(Fen)
  13. 335      GongJingWan(Fen)
  14. 341      Qi(San)PinDing
  15. 345      GongJingAiDing(San)
  16. 351      TuoDuWan
  17. 354      615San
  18. 364      HuangBaiSan
  19. 364      HuangBaiSan
  20. 380      QiXiaoWan
  21. 415      GaiLiangNaoShaSan
  22. 426      TieShiGao
  23. 461      KangAiWan
  24. 469      TuoDuWan
  25. 478      XiaoZhongYiAiSan

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