Ingredient ID 72 
Chinese Pronunciation GANCAO 
English Name Liquorice Root  
Latin Name Radix Glycyrrhizae  
Aliases MiCao
Cancers Stomach
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. 7-acetoxy-2-methylisoflavone

   C18H14O4   294.3

2. Formononetin

   C16H12O3   252.26

3. Glabrolide

   C30H44O4   468.67

4. Glycyrrhetin

   C30H46O4   470.69
NSC# 35347 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

5. Glycyrrhizin

   C42H62O16   822.94

6. Isoliquiritigenin

   C15H12O4   256.26

7. Isoliquiritin

   C21H22O9   418.4

8. Licoricone

   C22H22O6   382.41

9. Licuraside

   C17H16O4   284.31

10. Liquiritigenin

   C15H12O4   256.26

11. Liquiritin

   C21H22O9   418.4

12. Methylglycyrrhetate

   C30H46O4   470.69
NSC# 35347 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

13. Neoliquiritin

   C21H22O9   418.4

14. Rharnno-isoliquiritin

   C16H14O5   286.28

Recipes that contain
  1. 20      LiWeiHuaJieTang
  2. 21      LiWeiTongGuanTang
  3. 22      JianPiLiQiTang
  4. 27      ShenShuTang
  5. 48      DangGuiLiGanTang
  6. 63      LianTengBaiSheTang
  7. 67      DiXuanTang
  8. 73      ShengJinJieDuYin
  9. 85      LianLingTang
  10. 87      ErRenTang
  11. 102      GuaLouGongYinTang
  12. 111      RuXianAiCanKaoFangSi
  13. 121      ShanLongTang
  14. 130      PangGuangAiFang
  15. 134      PangGuangAiFangSi
  16. 149      SanCaiFengShuiDan
  17. 156      BaiXueBingFangEr
  18. 158      SanShenTang
  19. 169      HongBaiJinDanTang
  20. 171      LinBaCanKaoFangEr
  21. 173      TuoDuWan
  22. 219      FuFanLaoShaTang(San)
  23. 235      LiangGenTang
  24. 241      LiWeiKangAiTang
  25. 241      LiWeiKangAiTang
  26. 241      LiWeiKangAiTang
  27. 248      LiangShenTang
  28. 255      TengHuTang
  29. 257      AiNingQiHaoWan
  30. 271      KangAiWan
  31. 279      DangGuiLiGanTang
  32. 279      DangGuiLiGanTang
  33. 279      DangGuiLiGanTang
  34. 284      GanAiFang
  35. 288      WuHuTang
  36. 308      SongMuTang
  37. 311      LianTengBaiSheTang
  38. 313      FeiAiFang
  39. 317      BiAiFang
  40. 323      ShengJinJieDuYin
  41. 327      SheLianLiangShenTang
  42. 330      FuFangShiDaGongLaoTang
  43. 331      BiAiFang
  44. 332      713,661Fang
  45. 338      64Fang
  46. 343      ShanWuSan
  47. 346      GongJingAiFang
  48. 347      LianLingTang
  49. 353      ZhiAiSan
  50. 359      GongJingAiJian(Yin)
  51. 361      FuFangHuangQiTang
  52. 367      ErRenTang
  53. 381      RuAiFang
  54. 382      GuaLouGongYingTang
  55. 398      ShanLongTang
  56. 409      PangGuangAiFang
  57. 409      PangGuangAiFang
  58. 425      BaiJiangDan
  59. 433      SanCaiFengSuiDan
  60. 441      BaiXueBingFang
  61. 443      FuFangMaQianZiTang
  62. 443      FuFangMaQianZiTang
  63. 469      TuoDuWan
  64. 490      XianWeiRouLiuFang
  65. 494      ShiGuanAiFangVI
  66. 504      WeiAiCanKaoFangII
  67. 520      GanAiCanKaoFangI

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