Ingredient ID 803 
Chinese Pronunciation XUEJIE 
English Name Dragon's Blood  
Latin Name Resina Draconis  
Aliases XueJie
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. (2s)-5-methoxy-6-methyl-flavan-7-ol

   C17H18O3   270.32

2. (2s)-methoxy-flavan-7-ol

   C16H16O3   256.3

3. 2,4-dihydroxy-6-methoxy- Chalcone

   C16H14O4   270.28

4. 2-4-dihydroxy-5-methyl-6-methoxy-chalcone

   C17H16O4   284.31

5. Abietic Acid

   C20H30O2   302.45
NSC# 25149 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

6. Caryophyllin

   C30H48O3   456.71
NSC# 4060 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 167406 Activity (<10uM)

7. Dehydroabietic Acid

   C20H28O2   300.44

8. Dracorhodin

   C17H14O3   266.29

9. Dracorubin

   C32H24O5   488.53

10. Isopimaric Acid

   C20H30O2   302.45

11. Nordracorhodin

   C16H12O3   252.26

12. Nordracorubin

   C31H22O5   474.5
NSC# 376248 Activity (<10uM)

13. Pimaric Acid

   C20H30O2   302.45

14. Sandaracopimaric Acid

   C20H30O2   302.46

15. Ursonic Aldehyde

   C30H48O2   440.7

Recipes that contain
  1. 4      ShengLiDan
  2. 37      ChangAiShuan
  3. 100      QiXiaoWan
  4. 141      LiuXiaoGao
  5. 174      LaoLiuWan
  6. 208      ShengLiDan
  7. 236      ZhiAiWan
  8. 268      ChangAiShuan
  9. 285      XiaoAiGaoYao
  10. 335      GongJingWan(Fen)
  11. 339      HeiBeiGao
  12. 352      YuHuangWan
  13. 380      QiXiaoWan
  14. 422      LiuXiaoGao
  15. 461      KangAiWan
  16. 469      TuoDuWan
  17. 470      NaoLiuWan

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