Ingredient ID 837 
Chinese Pronunciation ZHUSHA 
English Name Cinnabar  
Latin Name Cinnabaris  
Aliases DanSha
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Hgs

   HgS   232.66

Recipes that contain
  1. 4      ShengLiDan
  2. 8      ErFenWan
  3. 100      QiXiaoWan
  4. 146      KangXueDan
  5. 174      LaoLiuWan
  6. 205      KangAiPian
  7. 208      ShengLiDan
  8. 212      ErFenWan
  9. 228      ShiGuanAiFang
  10. 228      ShiGuanAiFang
  11. 236      ZhiAiWan
  12. 271      KangAiWan
  13. 308      SongMuTang
  14. 320      GongLiuWan
  15. 380      QiXiaoWan
  16. 416      5901~2Fang
  17. 420      HuaAiSan
  18. 429      KangAiDan
  19. 430      KangBaiDan
  20. 461      KangAiWan
  21. 469      TuoDuWan
  22. 470      NaoLiuWan
  23. 492      KaiGuanSan

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