Ingredient ID 86 
Chinese Pronunciation SIYESHEN 
English Name Lance Asiabell Root  
Latin Name Radix Codonopsis Lanceolatae  
Aliases ShanHaiLuo
Cancers Nourish  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Cycloartenol

   C30H50O   426.72
NSC# 670193 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

2. Caryophyllin

   C30H48O3   456.71
NSC# 4060 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 167406 Activity (<10uM)

3. Chondrillasterol

   C31H50O   438.74

4. Delta7-stigmastenol

   C29H50O   414.71

5. Echinocystic Acid

   C30H48O4   472.71

Recipes that contain
  1. 51      ErShenErDongTang
  2. 59      LiangGenTang
  3. 299      ErShenErDongTang
  4. 307      LiangGenTang

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