Ingredient ID 867 
Chinese Pronunciation QINGMENGSHI 
English Name Biotite Schist And Mia Carbonate Schist By Chloritization  
Latin Name Lapis Chloriti  
Aliases MengShi  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Caco3

   CCaO3   100.09

2. Ca2(al,fe3+)3[sio4]3(oh)


3. Camg


4. Camg[co3]2


5. Ca[al2si2o8]


6. K(mg,fe2+)3[(al,fe3+)si3o10](oh,f)2


7. Kal2[alsi3o10](oh)2


8. Kmg3[alsi3o10](oh,f)2


9. Na[alsi3o8]


10. Sio2


Recipes that contain
  1. 229      BanXiaZuRuTang

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