Current PDBbind version 2007:

You may download a summary of the "general set" as one PDF file: pdbbind_v2007_general.pdf or one MS Excel file: pdbbind_v2007_general.xls. A total of 3,214 protein-ligand complexes with experimentally determined binding affinities a re currently included in this set.

You may also download all of the raw data of PDBbind v.2007 as one compressed package: pdbbind_v2007.tar.gz (~ 187MB). This package includes:

A PDF brochure describing the contents of the PDBbind database.

Various indices of the "general set" (3,214 entries), the "refined set" (1,300 entries, a summary file in PDF format: pdbbind_v2007_refined.pdf and MS Excel format: pdbbind_v2007_refined.xls), and the newly added "core set" (210 entries) in plain text.

Processed structural files of each complex in the "refined set". In each case, the protein is saved in a PDB-format file; while the ligand is saved in a separate SDF file and a Mol2-format file. Both files are stored in a subdirectory named after its PDB code.

Previous versions:

Users who are interested in the history of the PDBbind database may download its previous versions here:

V2006: pdbbind_v2006.tar.gz (~ 180MB)

V2005: pdbbind_v2005.tar.gz (~ 160MB)

V2004: pdbbind_v2004.tar.gz (~ 130MB)

V2003: pdbbind_v2003.tar.gz (~ 109MB)

V2002: pdbbind_v2002.tar.gz (~ 72MB)

Last updated on June 10, 2007 by Dr. Xueliang Fang